Saint Micheal Archangel Protection Necklace

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Saint Michael the Archangel Pendant Necklace

Spiritually Charged Blessed Protection and Guidance Conjure Hoodoo Voodoo Charm - 18 to 20 inches adjustable length.
Call forth the power of divine protection and guidance into your life! The pendant features the striking figure of the valiant warrior Saint Michael proudly displaying his triumph over evil. Archangel Michael is known as the protector and warrior of light. Saint Michael’s power lies in his ability to remove fear and bring forth courage to those who call upon him.

***We spiritually charge and bless our St Michael necklaces, the necklace only needs your intention / energy / prayer put into it before use. We carefully and consciously choose the herbs, flowers, roots, and oils that are used in the ritual to spiritually charge and bless each item based on our teachings, our magickal lineage, our intuition/divination, and extensive research and study into the magickal properties of each ingredient.***

• Necklace: 1.5mm 18-20 inch adjustable black compressed cotton Necklace with Lobster Claw Clasp. The necklace is 18 inches and comes with a 2-inch adjustable extension.
• Pendant: Made in Italy. Measures approximately 3/4" (H) x 1/2" (W). Made from burnished silver
• Spiritually Charged Blessed Conjure Hoodoo Voodoo Charm Pendant Necklace

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