About Us

Welcome to Ravyn Grove Elemental, LLC; my Magickal Lovelies!

Ravyn Grove Elemental, LLC is the culmination of years of study and of traditions passed down through our familial and extended family lineages.

I’m Mama Kat, and together with my life partner, Doktor Grey-Ravyn, we founded Ravyn Grove Elemental, LLC. What grew out of a desire to craft my own magickal tools, I started Ravyn Grove Elemental to provide high quality spiritual tools for folks to use in their own magickal workings and in everyday life. We bless and spiritually charge every item we craft with its general intention, to add a spiritual boost to help folks in their workings. Folks then simply need to add in their own intentions to fully set the item. I design these tools to help awaken and release the magick within, to help folks connect with source and feel empowered, to help them recognize they are the creators of their reality.

A little about us… We are practitioners and followers of Conjure/Hoodoo and also of Louisiana Bamboula Voodoo. We are also practitioners of Old-World Witchcraft and are the heads of the coven Hekate’s Grove of the Sacred Flame, located in Omaha Nebraska.

Magick is truly all around us, we just need to pause and listen and allow ourselves to feel it. I’ve always known there is so much more to this world than what can be perceived by the mundane senses. From the time I was little, I could feel it pulsing through everything around me; from in the call of the Stars, to the heartbeat of the trees, to the breath of the wind. I was born with a very strong intuition (as we all are), but call it an unexpected benefit of my upbringing, I had a lot of time to myself in nature as a child that enabled me to listen for and explore those other realms. Plants were my haven, my sanctuary, a gateway into other realms. I’ve always known what others cannot or do not wish to see or share. I was always deemed “the creepy kid”, “the weirdo”. I am that (lol), but I am also an artist, a healer, an explorer, a dreamer, an entrepreneur – always dreaming, always creating. I am trained in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bowen Work, and other healing modalities. I walk paths of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Conjure, and other occult paths. I am one of heads of the coven Hekate’s Grove of the Sacred Flame.

Doktor Grey-Ravyn is a Hoodoo Conjure Doktor who has been reading Bones and Tarot Cards for over 25 Years. He was brought up in both Louisiana Hoodoo and Appalachian Root Work on both sides of his family and in Southern Bamboula Voodoo on his mother’s side of the family passed down through generations. He works with many Saints, Lwa and Spirits which allows him deeper insight into a variety of situations.

He is also one of the heads of the coven Hekate’s Grove of the Sacred Flame. Additionally, he has been an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church for 15+ years with a focus on Gnostic Christianity. He is currently the Supreme Imperator of The Sovereign Independent Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn whose Grand Temple is located right here in Omaha, Nebraska. He has both a Working Knowledge and Background in many varied Magickal Societies and Practices both in High Ceremonial Magick and Low Magick as well.

We are honored to serve the Spiritual Community through our Hand-crafted Workin’ Candles, Oils, Curios; as well as Bone and Tarot Readins, Spiritual Cleansings, and other spiritual goods and services! We are here to help folks be their best magickal selves and live their best magickal lives!

 Come See what dem Spirits has to Say!

 Ce Bon and Blessed Be!

 ~ Mama Kat & Doktor Grey-Ravyn ~


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