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Spiritual Services

Doktor Grey-Ravyn is a Voodoo Conjure Doktor who has been reading Bones, Dominoes and Tarot Cards for over 25 Years.

He was brought up in both Louisiana Voodoo and Appalachian Root Work on both sides of his family. He was additionally trained and initiated into Voodoo Luzienne by Mambo Milicent Charbonneau and Reverend Snake.

Doktor Grey-Ravyn works with many Saints, Lwa and Spirits which allows him deeper insight into a variety of situations.

He is one of the heads of the coven Hekate’s Grove of the Sacred Flame.

Doktor Grey-Ravyn is also an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church and has been for the past 15 years with a focus on Gnostic Christianity.

He is currently the Supreme Imperator of The Sovereign Independent Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn whose Grand Temple is located right here in Omaha, Nebraska.

Doktor Grey-Ravyn has both a Working Knowledge and Background in many varied Magickal Societies and Practices both in High Ceremonial Magick and Low Magick as well.

Come See What dem Spirits has to say!

Ce Bon and Blessed Be!

~ Doktor Grey-Ravyn ~

Please be sure to follow the ol’ Dok on Social Media for the latest news and notifications of where he will be Reading!


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