When a Spirit isn't just a Spirit....

When a Spirit isn't just a Spirit....

Posted by Doktor Grey-Ravyn on Jul 22nd 2020

Bon jou y'all! Sharing with you an extremely intense paranormal experience that happened to Mama Kat and myself a few years back. A cautionary tale of the dangers of spirits, ouija boards, and dolls.

Ce bon Doktor Grey-Ravyn

Good afternoon friends. Today I wanted to talk about one of the strangest and scariest cases we have come across and had to deal with. What's worse is that this happened within our own home and the mistake we made by letting it in.

My wife Mama Kat and I had moved into our home a few years back and everything seemed quite normal and lovely, at first. Slowly over the course of a few months we started noticing odd things at night. Things like strange sounds of footsteps above our heads even though we lived in a single story dwelling with no attic. We had noticed other things too like strange breathing sounds emanating from areas of our home where they shouldn't be. Unnerving though these sounds were they really weren't anything too bothersome and we learned to ignore them.

Mama Kat and I typically would go shopping on Saturdays to thrift stores and other places just to relax and unwind after a long work week. One Saturday we ventured to one of our favorite thrift shops to see what they had got in. As we looked around we found this little doll pictured below and thought she was cute and perfect for a project we had in mind. We made our purchase and with the doll in hand we went home. That night some friends came over and we decided to try and contact whatever spirit was causing the noises etc. at night in our home. We made contact with a spirit named "Kyle" who we found out later was not what he claimed to be. After a bit of conversation with this "child spirit Kyle" we soon began to realize he was not a child at all but something far worse an inhuman spirit!

Soon the noises became loud enough that our friends heard them too. The temperature of the room dropped and we began hearing knocks, breathing and voices not our own. The four of us present that night then managed to trap the demon using the doll pictured below using a technique a Jewish Rabbi taught me long ago. Then using chains that had been invoked and blessed by the four archangels and in the names of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we bound the doll as can be seen in the photos below. This kept it quiet and at bay for nearly a year.

A friend of mine back east knew that I was very much into Occult and haunted items and she had an old doll that had been prepared by a witch and asked if I would like to have her for my collection. Kati and I agreed not realizing that the demon in our doll would use the new doll as an amplifier to manifest itself and cause much strife in our quiet little lives. Not long after receiving the new doll we started noticing the bound doll randomly in different positions around the house and even having different expressions on its moulded plastic face. I began to have dreams of a demonic woman and waking up with scratches bites and other weird marks on my body. My wife was experiencing the same type of things including having something crawl into bed with her late at night while I was still awake in the living room. My health began to fail and I even went into complete Kidney Failure leading to Dialysis after dreaming of a demon licking my belly and me waking up with saliva not of my wife on my stomach. Upon waking from this dream/vision we found the chained doll sitting beside our bed on my side.

We soon figured out what was happening and knew that the dolls had to go. I contacted my friend Derek Everhart that owns Voodoo's Odd Shop LLC. Here in Omaha and explained about the two dolls. I told him the one bound in chains contained a demon and the other doll was simply an amplifier. I asked if he would be interested in them for his shop and he said Yes. He promised he would keep the bound doll always chained and locked in a case away from anyone being able to touch her. I wrote the information we had gotten about the name of the demon, it's TRUE name, and gave it to him along with her and the other doll. We have had no further issues since she has been locked away in his care.

Just goes to show not all that seems innocent is and we should always be mindful of tricks and snares when dealing with the Paranormal because nobody is immune.

~Doktor Grey-Ravyn~

Photo credit: Photo of the Actual "Betsy" Doll taken by: Derek Everhart from Voodoo's Odd Shop