ALCHYMY Blessed Perfume Oil - Mysterious Magnetic Masculine fragrance

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Crafted from a base of natural Jojoba Oil infused with an alchemical blend of Earth, Water, Fire, & Air! A Mysterious and Magnetic Masculine fragrance with an alluring soft floral blend and a subtle woodsy blend of citrus notes.

Spiritually Charged to help you transmute the base of your lower self into the gold of your higher self!

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We specially handcraft our items for each order. We spiritually charge each one, it then only needs your intention put into before using. We carefully and consciously choose the fragrances, herbs, flowers, roots, and oils that are infused in each item based on our teachings, our magickal lineage, our intuition/divination, and extensive research & study into the magickal properties of each ingredient.

  • 10 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle preserves your perfume longer by blocking harmful UV rays.
  • 2.5 inches tall, 1 inch wide
  • Euro dropper cap with tamper-evident seal to ensure product integrity. This dropper is great for dispensing a single drop.
  • We spiritually charge each item we craft, it then only needs your intention added in before using.
  • Crafted from a base of Jojoba Oil infused with carefully selected herbs, flowers, roots, and oils chosen for their specific metaphysical properties.
  • Did you know bottles crafted from cobalt blue glass are believed to raise the vibrations of the content inside?

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